Legend Weaver: The Future of Combat

The Future of Combat

Although the game has been designed around the use of futuristic 25 to 35 mm figure lines, it is adaptable enough to use modern figures. You can litterly adapt any figure you have to the game system.

Feel free to e–mail me with questions on the game system. I will appreciate all comments about the system and serious testers will be listed as beta testers.

I have separated out the individual section for Legend Weaver: The Future of Combat. You will be able to download the separate parts of the manual as they are updated. This is important since the greatest changes in version 1 to version 1.1 has been in the weapons tables and it is these tables that will probably change again as the game is play tested and I get feedback. At the least I expect minor tweaking of these tables.

The rules are now version one point one (1.1).

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the files. If you need the reader then

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Version #
Section One
Part One tells you how to work out a basic point cost of any model you want to put onto the table.
Section Two
Part Two allows you to convert any weapons the model has to the system.
Section Three
Part Three contains the game's setup rules.
Section Four
Part Four is the main rulebook for the game.
Combat Cards
Combat cards can be used during play to help simulate the chaotic nature of combat. You will want to paste the printed pages onto hard cardboard to make them more durable.
The markers sheet is a page that should be printed and glued onto a piece of hard cardboard. Although not essential to game play, the markers on the sheet make it easier to keep track of what is going on in a given game.
Unit Sheets
The unit sheets allow you to place all unit information on one squad on a fairly small sheet.
Although not finished, they will be here shortly.

Example Units

Listed below are some example units and figures converted to the system. Click on the image to see a full page description of the model. You should be able to print each page and use the information on it directly (if the models match up with what you have).

Single Figure Examples

Assault Armor
3Ass Figure 1
This figure would normally receive power armor characteristics. Certain considerations jump it up into the Assault Armor catagory. It is well suited for combat against infantry and light vehicles.
3Ass Figure 2
This is another great anti infantry figure. With its multi barreled gun, sword and small shield it is a tough deadly target on the table. The banner pole would make it a great candidate for the squads corporal.
3Ass Figure 3
A close in fighter. Although his primary weapon is a Flame Thrower, he carries a sword that makes him quite deadly when up against other Assault Troops. An auto grenade launcher complete with smoke grenades helps him get close in to the action where he can be effective.
3Ass Figure 4
The standard assault troop, able to take down other other infantry with ease.
3Ass Figure 5
This is a units heavy hitter, capable of taking out light and medium sized vehicles.

Power Armor
2Pow Figure 6
This is a great all round anti infantry trooper. It is given grenades that allow it to assault fortifications and buildings. Its hand guns cover all the infantry troop types. Put a figure in with the ability to Mousehole and a heavy weapon or two and you have the backbone to a great army.
2Pow Figure 7
This Model is just different enough to be the groups leader. His glove is designed to make him leathal against units with assault armor. His Large hand gun allows him to go after troops with Power Armor. He lets his troops deal with troops with body armor or less.
2Pow Figure 8
This is a heavy weapon troop. The Missile launcher proves fairly effective against lightly armored vehicles. In a pinch it can be used to destroy vehicles with medium army.

Light Vehicles
4 Lit Figure 1
This Global Games figure is a great all round weapon. Its twin cannons give it a huge Punch against, assault troops as well as light and medium vehicles. Its Missile Launcher is great air defense. It has a very effective close in defensive weapon that (unfortunately) can only be used once.
4 Lit Figure 1
This Global Games figure is another version of a very brutal war machine. This version is a long distance terror to infantry as it has taken out its ability to deal with air units and replaced with two sets of anti infantry rocket packs (one set per side).

Platform Weapons
Single Barrel Support Platform
This is a powerful anti armor weapon. Ideal for taking out large tanks and fairly effective against vehicles with medium armor. Its tracking system makes it a bit weak when used against lightly armored vehicles (it has traded its ability to track for its ability to penatrate thick heavy armor).

Unit Examples

Assault Unit Example
3Ass Unit 1
The Unit consists of 6 models. It is a good all round unit, having the capacity to do great harm to infantry. Its one drawback is that it only has one really heavy weapon, the shoulder mount missile launcher. Even so, the squad is a treat to any medium and lightly armored vehicles.

Power Unit Example
2Pow Unit 1
Unit consists of 9 models. The squad is well suited for infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Its one weakness is that it needs a figure that is capable of mouseholing. Given this, it would be a very versitile squad.

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