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You will find two game systems in the sections below. One is for a fantasy role–playing game; the second is a generic futuristic tabletop war gaming system. Included in the fantasy role playing system are several adventures that I have written, a world to place the adventures in as well as the history of that world. I have written the adventures to be as generic as possible, so even if you decide not to give Legend Weaver: The Making of Heroes Gaming System a try, it should be easy for you to use the adventures in your role playing system of choice.

The section Legend Weaver: The Future of Combat features a set of generic rules that allow you to fight a table top battle using any figures you own: I really really hate having figures I cannot use...

Why the web site.

I have a lot of reasons for making this material available on the web. The first and foremost is that I feel that my material is as good or better than anything that is produced by one of the larger gaming companies. Second, I do not think that there is a huge market out there for this type of material. With Card and Computer games dominating the consumer market, one has to wonder if there is any point in trying to actually sell a new game to the public (especially with the dominance of Dungeons and Dragons in the role playing marketplace- once you're number one, it takes a near conscious effort to lose that position).

This presents a small problem for me... I love to create. I like writing modules and game systems. I know that I would like it even more if the material I created was actually being used by people and even more if I were making money off of the stuff, but then this is my way of making some of this happen.

The Pitch

If you use this material and like it, and happen to write your own small adventures based on it, then you can submit it here for distribution knowing that you will recieve no reward other than having your name on it and knowing that people are enjoying your hard labor for nothing (this will only work if you feel that this is a better alternative to having your stuff gather dust on a shelf...). If enough people do this, then it might be possible for role players to come to this site for decent adventures that will help keep the cost of their addiction / hobby down a bit. I will eventually be setting up a site that will offer items for sale, but this is only after I have completed the basic sections. A while away yet.

So try it out and let me know what you think. Until then... Good Gaming!

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