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Calts are tall, slender, humanoid cat like creatures, which have light sleek fur and a long tail. Their slight build makes them extremely lithe, fast, and agile. Because of this they often make good thieves, and may have been the source of the term "Cat Burglar." Although they usually stand erect, Calts can run on all fours, allowing them sometimes miraculous speeds and jumping ability. When walking normally, some seem to lope, and all are always twitching and moving around, seemingly unable to stand still. It has been noted that should a Calt stand still for any length of time, its tail will start to twitch. When asked, they insist that it is as rock steady as they are.

The frame of the Calt suits them for hot climates, especially deserts. This makes them rare in northern lands or even areas that see winter. Cat Folk are wanderers, and although their race is typically nomadic, they have set up small trading towns at Oasis and other places of note all through the Desert Lands. Many of them live their lives as merchants, but their cat-like curiosity often gets the better of them and they become adventurers.

The body of a Calt is built for climbing and running.

Basic Statistics

Wound Resistance 1d2
To kill adjustment 1d3
Wounds 20
Soul Points 80
Power 15–1d4*
React 5+1d3*
Luck 5
Spell Resistance 5
Relative Size 0.75
Walking Speed 3.5
Charging Speed 10.5
Running Speed 17.5
Broad Jump 5d6
* roll at character creation

May carry 8+1d3 very large items.
The Calt grows to between four and a half and five and half feet tall and will normally weigh between 90 and 120 pounds.

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