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Dwarves are a short, stocky, and extremely powerful race. Having been born from the Rock itself, it is said that their blood is heavy with Iron and Stone, causing them to weigh much more than their size would indicate. This fact also gives them an extremely tough skin which serves them as armor. All Dwarves (even the female ones) love to grow beards. This has become a form of Status in the Dwarven society, with long beards gaining the most respect. A Dwarf without a beard is a Dwarf in disgrace.

Dwarves love the stone from which they were born, and thus almost exclusively make their homes underground in tunnels carved by the forces of nature or by their own hands. They love the mountains the most because they can emerge often to obtain the raw materials they need to survive. They are excellent craftsman and architects, and are renowned to be the masters of the forge. Just as legendary as their skills however, is their love for song, ale, and money in the form of precious metals. Gold is the greatest treasure of a Dwarf, and because of this many of them are seen as greedy, a stigma that is difficult by nature for them to lose. Furthermore, their personalities are often considered to be like stone; their thinking although practical, is sometimes ridged, unyielding, and non intellectual. They are among the hardiest of all races, loving to do battle with all manner of foe and never willing to yield.

Dwarves are built for strength and not for speed or dexterity. They make some of the best fighters, but have little real problem with learning magic providing it is taught to them and they don't have to figure it out on their own. Their ability of Dark Sight allows them to navigate in total darkness provided they are surrounded by solid rock. Dwarves also have an innate magical ability to weaken non magiced rock, making it easy to dig through.

Basic Statistics

Wound Resistance 1d4+2
To kill adjustment 1d8
Wounds 20+3d4*
Soul Points 80
Power 15+2d4*
React 4
Luck 5
Spell Resistance 5
Relative Size 2.5
Walking Speed 2.5
Charging Speed 7.5
Running Speed 12.5
Broad Jump 2d4
* roll at character creation

May carry 12+1d3 very large items.
The Dwarf grows to between three and a half and four and a half feet tall and will normally weigh between 300 and 350 pounds.

Soften Stone (innate spell)

Synergy Dice Roll N/A
Range Touch
Casting Restrictions May Cast 1 / Day.

This spell allows a Dwarf to weaken a section of rock up to 1000 cubic feet to the point where it can be dug away with a pick or shovel. The shape of the affected area must be simple, a rectangle, square or cylinder. The spell will not work if the stone that is to be weakened has been magicked. Nor will it work on living stone (i.e., creatures made of stone) or upon Aegis Stones or stone that is within an Aegis Stones area of influence.

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