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Trocks are huge, fearsome, hairy warriors from the northern wastelands. They are renowned for their prowess and bravery in battle. A Trock proverb states that a Trock should be the first into battle and the last out. The powerful body of a Trock lacks finesse, making them better suited to the warrior roll. However they are not complete savages, having a stable matriarchal culture, which is very spiritual in nature. Their origin in the Northern wastelands has provided them with a thick coat of fur that offers some extra protection from weapons but makes it hell on them when they travel into desert climates.

Generations ago, infighting amongst the Trocks nearly destroyed the race. Nova, the Trock's Patron Deity ended the fighting when she granted the race the gift of a curse. The Trock may cast a curse upon any enemy. To do this is very costly to the Trock and may actually result in the Trocks permanent death.

To cast a curse the Trock permanently sacrifices a part of his bond to the eternal. Casting a curse literally costs the Trock soul points. To find out how many soul points it costs the Trock, refer to the table below.

	Level of Curse	Soul Points Gone
	1			1
	2			2
	3			9
	4			16
	5			25
	6			36
	7			49
	8			All (=permanent death)

The soul points used in casting the curse never return. When the Trock character casts a curse, he rolls twice on the Curse Table and decides which of the two curses are applied to the target of the curse.

If a single Trock should curse a creature two or more time, it is only the first curse that has any affect. It is possible for a single creature to suffer from multiple curses if they are cast from multiple Trocks. It is this fact that allows the Trocks to assign their greatest form of punishment, known as the Cursed Banishment.

This punishment is reserved for those Trocks that are seen as a traitor to their kind or for those that have done an equally great disservice to their people. A meeting of the communities Elders will be called to pass judgment on the Trock. If the Cursed Judgment is called for, each of the village Elders will place a curse on the Trock who is thereafter banished from the community. It is a terrible fate, for the level of each curse is left up to the Elder that is casting it. Every Trock fears the Cursed Banishment.

The level 8 curse is also called a death curse since it forever kills the Trock casting the curse. This is a special kind of curse. If a death curse is cast upon a Trock, then it becomes a generation curse. This means that the curse goes from Trock to Trock in a family line. Although it is customary for the oldest born to suffer from the affects of such a curse, special circumstances can see that nearly anyone in the family line can “inherit” the curse, should the current recipient of the curse die. Once the original recipient of the death curse dies, the curse becomes a level five curse. It remains a level five curse regardless of how many generations it works its way through. The chance that it will attach itself to the next generation does decrease with each generation. It will affect the first generation 100% certainty but this decreases by 1d6% per generation thereafter. The curse may actually skip several generations before showing up again. For this reason, any player who takes a Trock has to contend with the possibility that there is a death curse upon his bloodline. When you first roll up the character the LW will check for this. If you are first born in a family line, then there is a 15% chance that you will inherit a death curse. If you are not first born then there is a 5% chance you will inherit a death curse. Trock families normally have 1d3 children. Once the number of children is known, randomly determine if the character is first born (i.e., if there are two children than a 1-3 on a d6 means you are the first born). The curse may not show up right away, but may wait and show up only after the character has adventured for a while. The particulars of a generation curse are left up to the LW.

   Trocks have many myths and legends that are handed down from generation to generation. One of the most powerful of these legends involves their patron deity Nova and of the granting of the Trock Curse. The curse was granted to them in the very early time. It was after Darkheim had stepped onto the world and beast had fallen to the Humans. It was a time when the day equaled the night and the Trocks homeland was warm year round. For untold centuries before that, all the races had struggled against the gods of places and things. But in the early days of that struggle, the Trocks had found that these gods could do very little to affect their ability to survive. Because of this the Trocks started to fight among themselves and found they were very good at killing each other. For generation upon generation the Trocks made War against each other. As the other races learned and grew the Trocks withered away. Trock fighting Trock brought them to the brink of oblivion.

Nova looked down and saw that the children of her offspring were on the verge of extinction and stepped in to save them. She granted her race the gift of a curse. Darkheim was furious and demanded retribution. Although loath to admit it, most of the gods agreed with Darkheim, believing that Nova had overstepped the boundaries that governed the lives of the Gods. In response, Nova was brought before Leya whose judgment against Nova allowed Darkheim to set Nova's punishment. As punishment, Darkheim instructed Solarus to trap Nova within the sun. With reluctance, Solarus agreed.

Nova is at constant war with the Sun but the sad truth is that she can never be free. If she were to break free, then the sun would be destroyed and the world would be scorched by fire and all life would wither away. Darkheim would win. But even with this, every year Nova struggles to break free. You know that she is struggling, as the days get longer and hotter. The sun gets closer and closer to breaking and spreading its fire over the entire world. But eventually, Nova realizes that she cannot break free, that the children she tried to save would be destroyed if she were to break free, and so she pulls her prison back in to herself and the days grow shorter and the cold sets in.

This was as Darkheim planned. For in the early times the Trocks did not know how to survive the cold and this in and of itself nearly completed their destruction. But despite Darkheim’s plan, the Trocks have survived. They have grown so used to the cold that it is the heat that now bothers them. And the war against each other has been replaced by an eternal hatred of all the things that spawn from the mind of Darkheim.


Basic Statistics

Wound Resistance 1d4+1
To kill adjustment 2d4+1
Wounds 23+2d6*
Soul Points 80
Power 15+3d4*
React 5
Luck 5
Spell Resistance 5–1d2*
Relative Size 3.0
Walking Speed 3.5
Charging Speed 10.5
Running Speed 17.5
Broad Jump 2d6
* roll at character creation

May carry 13+1d4 very large items.
The Trock grows to between six and seven feet tall and usually weighs in at around 400 pounds.

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