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Other Shaped Stones
Eggs, Worry Stones, and other shapes.
Other Shaped Stones

Angelite Pocket StoneUSD12.00
Angelite Pocket Stone  
Marvelous warm blue angelite pocket stones. Pocket stones are flat polished stones, shaped just right to slip ...

Jasper, Ocean Hand PolishedUSD3.30
Jasper, Ocean Hand Polished  
These hand polished ocean jasper pieces are uniquely shaped with flattened sides and a rounded edge. Approx ...

Malachite Egg [UNIQUE ITEM!]USD24.00
Malachite Egg [UNIQUE ITEM!]  
Beautiful quality natural malachite egg with a bullseye effect on one facet. 1.9 in / 48 mm ...

Onyx, Multicolor Egg [UNIQUE ITEM!]USD6.00
Onyx, Multicolor Egg [UNIQUE ITEM!]  
Suberb warm brown to tan layered onyx sphere. 2.75 in / 70 mm long by 2 in ...

Quartz, Clear Polished Point [UNIQUE ITEM!]USD20.40
Quartz, Clear Polished Point [UNIQUE ITEM!]  
Lovely transparent polished quartz crystal point. 2 in / 52 mm by 1.5 in / 38 mm ...

Quartz, Strawberry PendulumUSD12.00
Quartz, Strawberry Pendulum  
This hard to find strawberry quartz is shaped into pointed pendulums, 1.3 in / 32 mm in length. ...

Selenite, White Egg [UNIQUE ITEM!]USD17.00
Selenite, White Egg [UNIQUE ITEM!]  
Lovely ovoid satiny white selenite egg. 2.3 in / 59 mm long by 2 in / 50 ...

Selenite, White Worry StoneUSD3.00
Selenite, White Worry Stone  
Marvelous satiny white translucent selenite worry stone. A worry stone is a rectangular shaped stone with a ...


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