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It is hard to understand the place of Humans within the World of Panjere. With such a short–lived race, you would not expect the level of achievement that they have. The Elves have a much greater connection to Creation magic but have only ever succeeded in accessing its power once. Humans have accessed it power twice and even though both attempts ended with disastrous results, you must understand the scope of this achievement. Besides Elves and Humans no other race has ever even felt the power of creation magic, and humanity has known it thrice!

When you look at other factors you find them just as amazing. They are the race that took down an immortal when they killed Beast. Sure they had help but you are looking at a race that took non–warriors and made them into a warrior of unequaled power in just a few years time. Again, an incredible feat. And because of this, Demon does not touch the souls of any other of the races. She reserves her tortures, torments and conversions for humanity alone. And it is not often you piss off a God to the point where he declares a 20,000 year war against the world.

It was a human that sacrificed his soul so that the eternal wall could be built. It was a human that defined the fate of the God Hussar. It was a human... Well, you get the idea.

In game terms humans work well together and are able to understand and communicate to each other on a level far in excess of the other races. Think of it as the language they use or just as the way they think. It does not matter. What does matter is that a human is better at learning things than any other race.

Basic Statistics

Wound Resistance 1d4
To kill adjustment 1d6
Wounds 20
Soul Points 80
Power 17+1d4*
React 5
Luck 5+2d3*
Spell Resistance 5
Relative Size 1.0
Walking Speed 3
Charging Speed 9
Running Speed 15
Broad Jump 3d6
* roll at character creation

May carry 11+1d2 very large items.
The Human grows to between five and a six feet tall and will normally weigh between 170 and 190 pounds.

Each human gets these bonuses, whether they are used or not. One bonus cannot be traded for another so it is not possible for a human to trade his spell bonuses for additional weapon bonuses.

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