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Gnomes are distant cousins of the Dwarfs. Where the dwarves tend to live within the mountains, Gnomes like to take up residence in the earth. Their affinity with nature is such that it is even stronger than that of the elves.

Gnomes are responsible for many of the crafts found in the world, they where the first to spin yarn, work wood and tan hide. They excel at farming and animal husbandry having an innate spell that may be used to calm and befriend animals.

Because their hands are small and nimble, they are able to do intricate work on gold and silver and have become master craftsmen, renowned the world over for their workmanship. Similarly their nimble hands and minds allow them a certain degree of advantage when it comes to disarming traps and opening locks.

The Gnomes small size is a handicap when it comes to fighting skills. But as small as they are, it is nearly universally accepted that many a Gnome has avoided certain death by sheer luck.

Basic Statistics

Wound Resistance 1
To kill adjustment 0
Wounds 15
Soul Points 80
Power 10–1d3*
React 5+1d3*
Luck 5+2d4*
Spell Resistance 5+1d3*
Relative Size 0.4
Walking Speed 2.0
Charging Speed 6.0
Running Speed 10
Broad Jump 2d6
* roll at character creation

May carry 4+1d3 very large items.
The Gnome Grows to be between three and four feet tall and normally weighs between 70 and 80 pounds.

Calm Animal (innate spell)

Synergy Dice Roll N/A
Range 30 Feet
Casting Restrictions May Cast 1 / Day.

A Gnome casts the spell at a specific animal. The animal must be one that is found in the real world today (the spell could work on a lion but could not work on a Manticore since a Manticore does not exist in the world today). If the animal has not yet attacked the group or the Gnome casting the spell, or if the animal is neutral towards the Gnome (i.e., its sniffing around camp for some food), the spell will prevent the animal from attacking the group. The animal will leave without incident. If the spell is cast on an animal that is friendly towards the Gnome (i.e., the Gnome has been giving it food over the last few days) then the spell will cause the animal to befriend the Gnome. The Gnome can only Befriend an animal that has less than double his/her own number of wounds.

The Gnome may use the Calm Animal spell to befriend one animal at a time. The animal may be taught 3d4 one word commands. It will take one week of game time for the animal to learn each command. If the Gnome uses the spell to befriend a new animal then the first animal will leave and return to the wild.

This spell allows the Gnome to have a pet at the start of the game. The player may roll on the Animal Table found under the Animal Husbandry skill description in Part 3 of the manual to determine what pet the character has. The Gnome is able to roll three times on the table and pick which of the three animals he wants as a pet. If no suitable animal can be picked (i.e., they all have to many wounds) then the gnome does not start the game with a pet.

If the Gnome gets a pet, roll for the number of commands the animal may learn and have the player list the commands the animal knows at the start of the game. The player may have the animal know as few or as many commands as he wishes, up to the number of commands the animal is able to learn.

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