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A Fairy is a member of the Wee Folk, being tiny (less than a foot tall), winged (butterfly wings), and very cute (at least they think so). Fairies happen when an ancient Faerie takes a human or elf as a mate. The Pregnancy will appear as normal until the actual birth. At this time the pregnant individual will give birth to 20-50 Fairies. The tiny creatures will immediately take flight to escape into the woods to take up residence within Risa (fairyland).

Due to the nature of their birth and upbringing Fairies love the woods and as a race have never built a permanent settlement anywhere in the world. They live in these small family groups and spend all of their time playing hide and seek, dancing, or being plain mischievous with the other races that inhabit the world. Sometimes however, they hook up with an adventuring group; but these "friends" are not immune to the playful pranks of this race. In effect, Fairies start out as the equivalent of young children, being inattentive, stubborn, unable to lie properly or keep a secret and liable to nod off and have a nap at any time and because they find reading and study a bore, they have a bit of a hard time when it comes to the hard study of magic.

The wings of a Fairy allow it full flight although a Fairy is able to hover at will. Due to its small size the fairy cannot suffer fall damage. The Fairies terminal velocity is not great enough to cause it actual physical damage. A fall can hurt a great deal though (i.e., ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, and ouch! ).

Due to their highly magical nature, Fairies have the ability of Life Sight. Additionally, they do not have to eat, but they have a love affair with food, especially sweets which they cannot get enough of. Fairies are loud and obnoxious if they are not allowed to snack during long travels (more than 1 hour). Denied this right they have been known to eat all sorts of things, including grass, small sticks, stones, dirt, and even bugs and worms. Due to this fact they tend to befriend adventuring groups who bring a lot of extra sweet things with them (they really hate eating bugs). However, their iron guts give the Fairy a huge natural resistance to ingested poison.

The Fairy can be a very hard target to hit due to its small size. However, its size works against it when it is hit. Even a moderate blow can finish the Fairy off. In addition to this, the Fairy is very susceptible to fire damage and is fearful of fire. Any fire may ignite the Fairy's wings and bring it falling to the ground in agony. The Fairy's wings do have the ability to regenerate but this takes time. Unfortunately, this regeneration does not extend to the Fairy's other limbs.

Basic Statistics

Wound Resistance 0
To kill adjustment 0
Wounds 10
Soul Points 80
Power 1
React 3
Luck 5
Spell Resistance 7+1d2*
Relative Size 0.1
Walking Speed 0.1
Charging Speed 0.3
Running Speed 1.0
Broad Jump 1 to 6 inches
(about 1/10 of an
inch on the game table)
* roll at character creation

May carry 1 small item.
The Fairy grows to a full size of only about a foot or so and has trouble weighing in at more than a few ounces.

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