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Legend has it that the Eldorin race was created when an Elf god took a Rac for a mate. The race has the physical build of an elf and the great feathered wings of a Rac. It is amazing and easy to see both Elf and Rac when looking at an Eldorin.

The Eldorin have great feathered wings that give them full flight. They are also extremely maneuverable although their slight build hampers them somewhat in that they are unable to carry very much while flying.

Eldorin live and thrive in high mountain peaks and it is here that they build their cities. The cities are a marvel to behold and, when viewed by any other race, seem to defy logic and gravity. Their huge cities cling to vertical cliffs a mile high. As engineers and builders the Eldorins are unmatched.

Eldorins have superior vision and hearing.

Basic Statistics

Wound Resistance 1d2
To kill adjustment 1d3
Wounds 20
Soul Points 80
Power 15+1d3*
React 5
Luck 5
Spell Resistance 5
Relative Size 1.0
Walking Speed 2.5
Charging Speed 7.5
Running Speed 12.5
Broad Jump 4d4
Wings Folded
* roll at character creation

May carry 6+1d2 very large items.
The Eldorin grows to between five and six feet tall and will normally weigh between 160 and 180 pounds.

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